Creative Civilization announces Austin office

Creative Civilization will open an Austin, Texas, office at 1412 W. 6th Street in early 2015. "We believe in the strength of the emerging Austin/San Antonio corridor," said co-founder Gisela Girard. "We have a long history with clients in this region and look forward to expanding our reach and services."

Hispanic Chamber to induct Al Aguilar as Chairman for 2015

Al Aguilar, co-founder and CEO of Creative Civilization, will be honored at the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber's 86th Annual Chamber Gala on Jan., 31, 2015, as the incoming Chairman of its 2015 Board of Directors.

Creative Civilization expands local Agency Team

Creative Civilization celebrated 15 years in San Antonio and the agency's continued growth with key additions to its award-winning team in 2014.

Our Inspiration

Our very name, Creative Civilization, was inspired by the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain, that led us to ponder, "What a creative civilization behind this magnificent place." As a tribute to all creative civilizations that designed our shared history, our Agency aspires to greatness from their inspired work.

Our Civilization

Our Work


Our Culture

Creative Civilization was founded in 1999 by industry leaders Al Aguilar and Gisela Girard who are moved by the "creative civilizations" that inspire great work, great art, great lives. We believe that creativity comes from collaboration. That curiosity stirs innovation. And that the best ideas win. We draw from the distinctive experiences, unique perspectives, knowledge and wisdom of our team to live up to our name.

Where does inspiration come from?

All Around Us.

We operate as an enclave of creative energy - a civilization, of sorts. Under one roof, excited about what we do, and focused on putting our inspiration to work for you.

Inspiration comes from looking twice at the things most people only bother to look at once.


What makes us different?

We are: A total market agency, uniquely qualified in the General Market, Hispanic Market and Business-to-Business Market. A new breed of agency offering solutions for the total market, not just multicultural. A boundless agency that approaches strategic planning with unique perspectives, true experiences and fresh ideas. Local, regional and national.

We approach business from a marketing mix perspective, aiming at the greatest opportunity for growth. We want to be part of planning the BIG picture.

If you are not inspired by what you see, change the scenery.



We believe THE IDEA is king. A well-executed idea creates the point at which products and services connect with consumers in a meaningful and memorable way. We nurture good concepts and elevate them to greatness. We're in the business of imagination, dialogue, creative thinking. And business is good.

To be inspired is to be receptive to anything and everything.